Temporomandibular Disorder Treatment at TMD Treatment Melbourne Dental Clinic

People may not know it but they may be suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder also known as TMD. This is because of the varying symptoms that may be difficult to pin down to TMJ. If you have any of the symptoms described below you should first visit TMD treatment Melbourne dental clinic for a thorough evaluation to pinpoint the cause to the temporomandibular joint.

The temporomandibular joint

The entire lower jaw or mandible is held in place by an arrangement of tendons, cartilage disc and muscles. The disc cushions the mandible and temporal bone but a variety of conditions of which oxidative stress is one, may lead to damage to the articular tissues. The condition may be precipitated by rheumatoid arthritis, collagen vascular disease, overuse, jaw clenching during sleep and various underlying causes. Whatever the cause, the symptoms are diverse, making it difficult for the suffering individual to know that TMJ is at the root of the pain and discomfort. The symptoms include:

  • Headache
  • Neck ache
  • Tenderness in muscles of the jaw
  • Pain around the ear
  • Jaw pain when jaw is stretched
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth
  • Clicking noises when you open your mouth
  • Teeth sensitivity

Patients understandably cannot pinpoint the cause and will visit a general practitioner for their headache or neck ache and be sent on their way with some analgesics and antibiotics. The right thing to do is to visit dentists specializing in TMD treatment Melbourne.


You may have only one or a few of the above symptoms so your dentist who is expect in TMD treatment Melbourne will recommend X-rays of the TM joint and take a cast of your teeth. Your medical history is examined and your personal habits are also factored in. Should it be a TMJ disorder then he may recommend palliative measures. In most cases TMJ pain subsides on its own in a month or less. However, your dentist may dig deeper into your physical and mental health to find out other causes that will help him in recommending a proper like of palliative and therapeutic measures to help you manage the condition.

Remedial measures

  • Your dental who is expert in TMD treatments Melbourne residents can benefit from, usually checks your posture, sleep habits and your routine. He may recommend that you change your posture and your pillow.
  • Another method involves the use of an orthotic device that is introduced into your mouth prior to sleeping. The orthotic relaxes the muscles nd takes the load off the TMJ.
  • You may be advised to undergo physiotherapy.
  • Stress is also a contributor to TMD Treatment and your dentist will identify if you are stressed out and he may recommend holistic practices such as breath control and yoga in addition to meditation.
  • Regular sleep habits will help you manage TMD much better.

Surgery may be the extreme step but before that your friendly and caring dentist at Dental TMD Treatment Melbourne clinic will do his best to bring about relief through other measures.

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